ambon city






jual durian ambon city, kota ambon

malam-malam orang jual durian di batu meja, ini waktu musim durian.
orang-orang dari gunung atas turun bajual dibawa sini, dong bilang ini durian dari gunong


jual durian ambon city, kota ambon

orang orang rame datang bali durian, akang punk harga Rp. 15.000 satu buah,
nanti datang ka batu meja situ baru bali jua,
tapi tawar akang dolo, jang sampe dong kasih murah


ambon city, kota ambon

Ambon city. Most of the Moluccan people live in coastal trading settlements. Ambon, an important port on an island of the same name, is the largest city in the Moluccas. The Moluccas were formerly called the Spice Islands, and they have long been famous for growing cloves, nutmeg, and mace. Through the centuries, the spice trade attracted people from many lands. These traders, including Arabs, Dutch, and Malays, intermarried with the Moluccans and greatly influenced their way of life. On some isolated islands, however, the people have kept many old customs. On the Tanimbar Islands, for example, people still make offerings to their ancestors. Ambon city.



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